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Note: We are slightly below Budget as of 7/31/2014


This is just a friendly reminder to return the lounge chairs under the cabana and close the umbrellas.  With the recent heavy storms and winds, we are trying to protect your investment in pool furnishings. 

Important information:

If at all possible, you should be parking your vehicles inside the garage at night.  Recent burglaries in our area have been in locked cars in driveways or parking lots, one in our own subdivision.

Note: You or your visitors may safely park in our lot during the day. For overnight parking, we ask you contact the office or a director for a permission slip to be displayed on the dash.

Champions Place is a patio home community located in the desirable Champions area of northwest Houston, Harris County, Texas.  It is located across from the prestigious Champions Golf club.  Amenities include tennis, walking trail and a lovely swimming pool and party pavilion.

August 13th Agenda
CPHA 2013 Financials
Architectural Control Committee Approval Form
Transfer Fees for Sales & RentalsAmendment - Limitation on Use of Community Property or Services
Champions Place Original Deed RestrictionsAmendment-Antenna & Satellite Dish systemsRec Center Use Agreement & Release
Amendment-Pets & Other AnimalsAmendment - Garage SalesAmendment - Fireworks
Polices for Records (2) and Payment Plans
Use the new Harris County hazardous waste site.
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The following are the Board members,
officers and committee Chairperson:

President - Ted Keuthan
Vice President - Mike Carrier
Secretary - Linn Smyth
Treasurer - Bob Ziegler
Director at Large - Patricia Morrow
Chairperson ACC - Patricia Morrow